Old City Libations rolls out the ultimate pierogi taco

“The eatery just introduced its newest concoction, The Polish Taco. Using a crunchy fried pierogi as a shell, the tacos are stuffed with four varieties of fillings, including meaty and vegan. The new handheld snacks will be sold on Tuesdays with a $5 special on margaritas featuring Old City lime soda and tequila.”



Old City Libations Expands Food Menu

“...the brand new cocktail and soda bar from "Cleveland Hustles" winners Mike Gulley and Sean Adkins, has expanded its menu to go well beyond those popular sodas. The new menu is a checklist for build-your-own pierogi stacked high with toppings, and pretzels complemented by an assortment of dips.”



Now that's what I call a Bar!

“Detroit’s own bubbly manufacturer Old City Soda re-carbonated the cocktail scene in Detroit with their line of craft sodas built for booze mixing, coming in flavors playful flavors like strawberry-ginger and cinnamon, and old standards like lemon and tonic water. Opening Old City Libations, they decided to start a consumer-facing bar in Gordon Square to compliment their production facility in St. Clair Superior. The 2,500-square-foot space pours their wares into high-end cocktails surrounded by leather couches and light-bearing windows where you can sip a ginger beer-based Moscow Mule over a board game.”




'Cleveland Hustles' winner Old City Libations opens in Gordon Square

"You see, the soda shop, bar and restaurant, 6706 Detroit Ave., in Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood - was a contestant on "Cleveland Hustles," the LeBron James-produced CNBC show that featured businesses competing with one another for financing."



Where to Drink in Cleveland Right Now

“While we mourn the loss of the Arcadian (so beautiful, so young), we’ll comfort ourselves with some expertly crafted soda from the tap at Old City Libations. More than just a LeBron James-powered gimmick, the guys at Old City make some kick-ass pop (damn right it’s pop) and fun cocktails to go with it (and mocktails for kids and DDs). Plus, it's the only establishment selling pierogis in the Square outside Dyngus Day, so get on that."



Old City Soda to Open Old City Libations in Detroit Shoreway

“We feel like we’re doing something totally different,” says co-owner Sean Adkins. “We aren’t trying to be your typical shot-and-a-beer bar. You’re not going to walk in and find every bottle known to man. Everything we serve will be wrapped around Old City Soda.”